Contact Lenses

We price match our online competitors and offer free shipping on all contact lens orders!

At Primary Eyecare, we strive to meet all of your eye and vision care needs!

Drs.  Murphy and Tantsits tailor the contact lens experience to each patient by reviewing the different options for contact lenses (soft or rigid gas permeable) and working with you to find the right contact lenses for your vision needs.

We also price match online retailers, so patients can use their vision benefits and take advantage of current rebates to maximize on savings! We also offer free shipping.

For patients that have never worn contact lenses, we offer a contact lens course to educate you on insertion and removal of contact lenses and how to keep your contacts and eyes healthy!

How to Insert and Remove Contact Lenses

A great video educating patients on how to insert and remove contact lenses

safely and efficiently.


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