Lid and Lash Beauty


Our eyelashes and brows are exposed to multiple hazards each day that cause them to break, fade and fall out. Lash Advance is a lash and brow gel that provides a safe and healthy alternative to promote growth and help return our lashes and brows to a healthy state. 

One of Dr. Murphy's favorites!


OcuDerma is formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging and keeping the delicate skin around our eyes healthy. It's unique formula helps reduce the appearance of under eye bag volume and improve firmness and elasticity.

Fun Fact: OcuDerma was developed by a female optometrist!


Blink Lid Wipes is formulated with soothing chamomile making it great for children and adults to help clean, moisturize and sooth our eyes from debris, crusting, excessive oil and make-up!

*Preservative/alcohol-free and hypoallergenic