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The Optometrists

Dr. Maria Nguyen Tantsits is a 2020 graduate of the University of Missouri-Saint Louis College of Optometry. She has been a part of the practice for seven years as an optician and technician and is excited to see patients as an optometrist!

Dr. Tantsits' favorite contact lens brand is Infuse, a contact lens that focuses on providing moisture for the whole day to patients that experience dry eye!

Dr. Mary Murphy graduated from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis College of Optometry in 1988. She is member of the Saint Louis Optometric Society, the Missouri Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association. She has been in private practice for over 27 years.

Dr. Murphy's favorite lens design is the Kodak Software, a lens specifically made to provide crisp vision at the computer without distortion!

The Team

Laurie is our optician and has a passion for patient care and comfort! She enjoys helping patients say "yes" to the specs! She is also a trained ophthalmic technician.

Laurie's favorite lens customization is the blue light filter to help reduce eye strain and fatigue when using electronic devices.

Maggie is our office manager and is an expert in insurance authorization and eligibility with her extensive experience in medical insurance processing! She is a proud graduate of Quincy University's Business Communications program.

Maggie's favorite frame line is William Morris for the fun silhouettes and bold colors!

Sugako [Sue-gah-ko] is a trained optician and is an expert at vision plans and will gladly answer all of your benefits questions. She is a proud graduate of SLU's Masters of International Business program and Webster University's Bachelors of Accounting program.

Sugako's favorite contact lens type are dailies because of their comfort and not having to worry about lens cleaning solution!

Yukiko is our ray of sunshine and patients always enjoying working with her! She enjoys helping patients find the perfect pair of glasses based on their vision needs and lifestyle!

Her favorite lenses are Transitions because of the variety of fun colors they come in!

Kelly is our newest addition to the office and brings over a decade of optical experience; we know you will just love her!


You are in great hands as you call to schedule your appointment and during your pre-screening process.

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