Dr. Murphy`s Ocular Melanoma Story

Dr. Murphy's Ocular Melanoma Story

Six years ago, Dr. Murphy introduced the Optos, a retinal camera, to our practice and arranged for a representative to come demonstrate and educate the staff. After volunteering herself to help with the demonstration, Dr. Murphy’s retinal photo was taken and what she saw on the screen would change her life forever: ocular melanoma suspect

At her first visit to the ophthalmologist, the retinal lesion was benign. Six months later, her retinal lesion was diagnosed as an ocular melanoma and her doctor recommended that she undergo plaque radiation therapy. Unfortunately, the specialist could not give her any prognosis on her sight after the procedure.

Fast forward to the present day, she stands triumphant and cancer-free thanks to the Optos retinal camera that played a crucial role in her battle. Today, she has some swelling of the macula (the center of sharpest vision in the retina) that is affecting her vision but diligently visits her retina specialist every three months for evaluation and injections to preserve as much vision.

Dr. Murphy’s journey is a testament of her resilience. Her passion for technology reflects her commitment to staying abreast of advancements in the field to enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes.

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